Diasmoke 2.0: how to participate to the project?

Diasmoke 2.0 is a CoEHAR research project that aims to assess health improvements and changes in cardiovascular risk factors in smokers with Type 2 Diabetes who switch to combustion-free nicotine delivery systems.

Living with diabetes is a challenge in everyday life: this specific clinical condition often causes high blood sugar levels, fatigue, extreme hunger and increased thirst. Smoking is a well known risk factor for diabetes, making difficult to control the worst aspects of the disease.

To better understand what could be the impact of harm reduction through the switching to combustion-free products, such as electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco products, the Center of Excellence for the acceleration of Harm Reduction, is leading the Diasmoke 2.0 project on an international population of diabetic smokers.

Thanks to an European network of five different research centers, located in Italy, Poland, Moldova and UK, the project is designed to determine whether type 2 diabetes mellitus cigarettes smokers who switch to combustion free nicotine delivery system experience measurable improvements in cardiovascular risk parameters and disease outcomes.

To be part of the study, you must be an adult smoker who wants to switch to electronic nicotine delivery systems.

This is a life-changing experience that will contribute to the scientific research. Besides, every participants will be offered a free smoking cessation program according to standard local guidelines and depending on the local availability of antismoking services. 

After the basic checkup, you will be asked to come back for another four checkups after 3 months, 6 months, one year and two years

Partners of the project

Our Ongoing Clinical Trials:

Smile Study

The health of teeth and gums affects significantly not only the way we interact with the outside world, but also the quality of life. Smoking is one of the most important risk factors for the health of your mouth, it damages teeth and gums, compromises the whiteness of the teeth and causes tooth stains. Smile study is a CoEHAR international research project that aims to assess the impact of cigarette smoking and of reduced-risk products on oral health, in four different countries, Italy, Poland, Moldova and Indonesia. Recruitment of participants is still ongoing.

Diasmoke 2.0

The project that helps diabetic smokers to quit smoking. Smoking and diabetes are a bad combination. Smoking makes diabetes harder to control, and increases the risk of serious complications. Diasmoke 2.0 is a CoEHAR international research project that aims to measure the impact of switching from tobacco cigarette to reduced-risk products on cardiovascular risk factors and functional parameters in diabetic smokers. Recruitment of participants is still ongoing in Italy, Moldova, UK ad Poland.


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