DIASMOKE: the patient recruitment phase has officially started

With the first subjects enrolled, the Diasmoke project has entered the recruitment phase. The main goal of the project by CoEHAR is to determine whether smokers with diabetes mellitus- who switch to a combustion-free nicotine delivery system- had measurable improvements in cardiovascular risk parameters.

Suffering from diabetes means adopting a healthy lifestyle to avoid severe complications. A strict diet and good habits are the best choices to improve the quality of life of patients with diabetes. Type 2 is the most common in adults and accounts for over 90% of all diabetes cases.

On the opposite, there are unhealthy habits, such as cigarette smoking, that can worsen the patients’ clinical situation, enhancing the risk of cardiovascular disease. 

CoEHAR, the Center of Excellence for the acceleration of Harm Reduction of the University of Catania, has launched a two-year study, the Diasmoke project, to investigate whether vaping or using E-cigarettes reduces the risk of cardiovascular (heart and circulation) disease as compared to normal smoking.

With the enrollment of the first patient, the recruitment phase of the project has officially started. The aim is to monitor the health parameters of more than 500 smokers with diabetes.

Participants will be divided into two different groups and will receive constant professional support. Besides, each participant will be available to access local free smoking cessation programs.

Partners of the projects, Mossakowski clinical research center (Varsavia), Medicine and Pharmacy “Nicolae Testemitanu” (Varsavia,) NHS e Metanoic Health (London).

To know how to be part of the study, visit the website: www.diasmoke.coehar.org.

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