Diasmoke welcomes new partners: the Universities of Palermo and Bari

New Partnerships for the International Research Project Diasmoke

Thanks to additional funding from the PNRR Heal Italia, the first national supply chain dedicated to research and innovation in Precision Medicine, the CoEHAR researchers are initiating further collaboration with the Universities of Bari and Palermo. This will enhance the study’s complexity, increase the monitored user base, improve the effectiveness of ongoing interventions, and, most importantly, enhance the reliability of the emerging results.

Diasmoke is an international research project coordinated by some of the world’s leading experts in diabetology and promoted by CoEHAR in Catania. The researchers are examining the complex interactions between toxic components from cigarette smoke and diabetes management, also monitoring the impact of cessation pathways on both the progression of the disease and the effectiveness of antidiabetic treatments.

During the project’s training session held yesterday in Catania, the two researchers from the Universities of Bari and Palermo, Dr. Dario Elvio Noviello and Dr. Roberta Chianetta, respectively, reviewed the protocols and tools analyzed alongside Prof. Davide Campagna, the coordinator of Diasmoke. This was in preparation for advancing the project’s next phases at their respective institutions. The event was also an opportunity to strengthen the collaboration strongly advocated by Prof. Riccardo Polosa, founder of CoEHAR, with the two project investigators for this new phase of Diasmoke: Prof. Piero Portincasa (University of Bari) and Prof. Mario Barbagallo (University of Palermo). Also contributing were Prof. Pasquale Caponnetto, a professor at DISFOR of the University of Catania, for theoretical aspects of smoking cessation techniques, and Dr. Cecilia Spampinato, an expert in logistics and quality management.


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